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Police work is a very important job. Police should be treated with courtesy and respect which should be expected in return. There are many instances where people just don’t know how to get along with each other, as to why we need a police force.
Police Corruption is when the police or government officials break the law. Most notable examples are people getting beat up for no reason, or officers taking payoffs for illegal activity, such as drug dealing operations.

STOP POLICE CORRUPTION to me is a positive message on a negative thing. There is no universal conformity with all police officers, for them to think the exact same way. Instead you have individual people with different personalities and tempers that handle each situation differently. This is where certain officers may choose to act out and break the law. Stories of police corruption are all over the internet, its nothing new.

I believe the public needs to be more involved in what is happening with the police and in our governments. Citizen Review boards need to be established to review cases with the power to fire corrupt officers. One specific way to help monitor officers, is for each one to wear a video and sound headset that records all of the officers involvement with the public. This helps preserve the safety of the officer and the public.

The War on Drugs has been fought in the last approximately 40 years with a great cost. Hundreds of Billions of dollars. The number of people we put in jail, I would characterize as a profiteering genocide. The situation has never got any better because of the huge profits in the drug trade, that fuel the pay offs to the corrupt police. I believe marijuana should be made legal and the other drugs handled medically for treatment rather than incarceration. Jail should be for those that commit violent acts, rather than those involved in consensual crimes.
I believe too many people doing drugs have scammed the welfare system, and in fact have had taxpayers who may not even do drugs, pay for the drugs or lifestyle of the welfare recipient. I believe people on welfare and government employees should be drug tested.

Drug addiction has been one of the most destructive things in America, the break up of families, thousands of people killed and the loss of massive amounts of property. While I contend that many taxpayers are paying to fight the drug war by the hiring of officers and paying for the cost of the welfare benefits to those using drugs, these two things need to be handled differently. The whole situation is like a Tax Payer Scam to me, primarily because of the traitors in the police and government that allow the drugs to flow on the street, so money spent fighting drugs is never Effective.

Just a personal note, I do not drink or smoke, and I encourage everyone to keep a clear mind. Many people should be more focused on their lives than in doing drugs. Your comments are welcome, just email me.